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But quite some people found this setting annoying, because in some cases the dimension was placed at a previously selected and unwanted location. You can show dimension units in drawings. Selecting shown dimension would change their color to gray and vice versa. Set up one dimension with the inch symbol applied, then with this dimension selected click on the "Add or Update a Style" icon in the property manager. When editing a sketch and the part is rotated in an unusual or awkward way, you might want those dimensions easier to read so you can make changes on the fly. However for SOLIDWORKS Imperial Dimensions, the setting will be different. Name it appropriately and save it. SOLIDWORKS 2016 introduced a new way of adding dimensions in a sketch. Many haven’t. From this version you can preselect sketch entities and then use the Smart Dimension tool to add dimensions to the entities. Once you have completed your 15-day free trial period, please contact your local SolidWorks reseller if you like more information or are interested in purchasing eDrawings Professional.. Want to see how SolidWorks can help you win new business and get to market faster? Have you heard of Display dimension flat to screen? Right-click the top-level icon in the drawing's FeatureManager design tree and select Link external dim text to allow dimension text to propagate back to the part or assembly. Out of the box, SOLIDWORKS has an option unchecked that may help you when checked. Fractions for Imperial dimensions. To re-display the dimensions, right-click the feature or one of its faces, and select Show All Dimensions. Before purchasing, we encourage you to download a 15-day free trial of eDrawings Professional. For nearly every new SOLIDWORKS user I meet, there exists a constant struggle of turning Smart Dimension on, remembering to turn it off, and making sure all your selections are correct for even the simplest of dimensions. Instead of finishing drawing a sketch entity, then selecting the Smart Dimension command, then adding dimensions one by one; the dimensions are added automatically while you sketch. If you insert text into a dimension in a drawing, this option inserts the text into the dimension in the part or assembly as well. Let’s take a look at this setting. In a drawing, click Options (Standard toolbar) or Tools > Options. When Hide/Show Annotations is activated, all hidden and shown dimensions would be shown either in gray or black color. To show dimension names: ... SOLIDWORKS 2019 SP05 To disable Web help from within SOLIDWORKS and use local help instead, click Help > Use SOLIDWORKS Web Help. Link external dim text. Display As Linear. SOLIDWORKS Automatic Sketch Dimensions makes this process much faster. Although the imperial dimensions could be shown with decimal places same as metric dimensions, some users prefer to show dimensions with fractions or even round off the numbers to the nearest fractions. Hide or show Multiple Dimensions at Once. Tired of constantly dealing with the Smart Dimension tool? To hide all the dimensions of a selected feature, right-click the feature in the FeatureManager design tree, or right-click one of its faces, and select Hide All Dimensions. On the Document Properties tab, click Dimensions and select Show units of dimensions… Fortunately, there’s a better way that will have you typing in dimensions without ever … To hide an individual dimension, right-click it, and select Hide. To report problems encountered with the Web help interface and search, contact your local support representative. Adding dimensions manually can be a tedious job if you have to do it many times a day.

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