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"Creative Solutions, Precise Planning"

At Otter & Arrow Land Planning we understand that each geographical region has it's own set of unique characteristics. It is our goal to recognize these features and embellish upon the most desirable aspects to create a spectacular and profitable development.

The designers at Otter & Arrow Land Planning have been involved in many different types of development projects. The process behind creating a successful development is complex and site specific. That is where a skilled landscape architect can help your project progress and stand apart from other developments.

Based out of Western North Carolina, we are accustomed to designing on difficult terrain. Whether your property is on steep slopes, rolling hills or coastal plain, Otter and Arrow can help blend your development into the surrounding land while retaining local character and values in our design. We are consistently asked to find solutions for difficult topography and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver creative answers to our clients needs and expectations.

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